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A cheese box subscription? Well we like to sort out your cheese requirements for the month and also ensure that you don't miss out from our wide range.

Cheese matures at its own pace and not all of them are ready at the same time. With a subscription you ensure that you get a wedge when we cut into that perfect block.

The subscription plans are valid for 3 months and you have 2 options -
1. Cheese box of 3 cheese of 150gms delivered once a month
2. The weekend party platter of 4 cheese, two condiments (ex - marinated olives & chili jam) delivered once a month on a Friday

When you order a subscription, we will call you to understand your preferences, based on which we schedule monthly dispatch. You also get sampler packs of seasonal cheeses as part of our subscription!

In addition you can expect special offers on our workshops, wine & cheese pairing events, pairing suggestions, recipe cards... All that we would like to say is subscription boxes will delight!

We encourage you to pick certain date or week of the month but you can also reschedule if needed.