• Made with ethically sourced A2 milk

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" The best artisan cheese in Chennai, hands down! "

- SK Nayak -

My favourites are the Brie and Halloumi. The Nutella cheesecakes are to die for. And their Almond Apricot cake is simply the best gluten-free cake I have ever tasted. Great place to pick up cheese, desserts, dips, relishes etc.

" It's such a splendid place to experience artisan cheese! "

- Bhairavi Prasanna -

To me their warmth and non judgemental attitude stood out. They are raising the bar for Chennai 's gourmet culture the right way!! Chennai can now add one more experience along with Margazhi season and that's the experience with Kase.

" Fabulous cheese, fresh and tasty "

- Priya Gulvady -

Will gladly walk 4 floors to pick it up!

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About Käse

Käse – an artisan cheese brand of Kirke Cheese Pvt. Ltd. works with ethical dairy farmers with indigenous breeds within a radius of 100 kms from the production facility at Chennai. 

Cheesemaking practices at Käse are based on traditional techniques learnt from different geographies and then adapted to suit the local environment.

All the cheese is made with natural cultures and microbial/ or vegetarian rennet. Affinage is our strength and what makes us unique is the combination of various traditional cheesemaking styles with different techniques in which we make it our own!

In a little over 5 years Käse has created a niche for themselves with a brand of cheese that is locally-made and “clean” – free from any form of additives, preservatives, stabilizers and emulsifiers found in processed cheese.

Käse has a strong presence in Chennai, which has been the primary market and is now shipping across the country. As Käse grows the vision remains to employ and train girls with disabilities and provide them with a sustainable means of livelihood.