A range of cheese that have been aged between 2-8 months.
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      All Käse cheeses are natural and do not have any preservatives, additives and emulsifiers.

      Sometimes we order a cheese we've tried elsewhere like a Cheddar and find that the Käse version tastes different and the cheese may also taste different as they days go by.

      Here is some science behind the reasons why:

      • Cheesemaking practices at Käse are based on traditional techniques learnt from different geographies and then adapted to suit the local environment.
      • The flavours and characteristics of cheese are significantly determined by where it is made, also the affinage (process of cheese maturation) and starter cultures. The flavour of the milk is also unique depending on the animal breeds, where it comes from, feed, microflora and so on. So while the cheese making processes and techniques can be similar or really close to where the cheese originates, the resulting cheese will be unique in its characteristics.
      • In the process of maturation, not only is the cheese loosing moisture but the microbes are breaking down the cheese, lactose into lactic acid, proteins into amino acids and fats to fatty acids. In this process the flavours of the cheese become stronger and more expressive. So the same block can taste different over a period of time Depending on when a cheese is cut and packed.
      • Since we do not use preservatives, additives or emulsifiers in our cheese the packed cheeses are also maturing and can become more expressive as they age.

      All our rinds are natural and edible. We recommend eating the cheese with the rind, which have complexity of flavours. However, if you are not a fan of the rind reserve it for cooking.

      • Molding on the surface of the cheese is natural as it is a sign of the cheese maturing.
      • Mold on the surface of the cheese can be wiped with a clean kitchen towel or tissue paper. The rind of our cheese is edible.
      • The surface of the cheese is sometimes cracked and there maybe thin lines of blue mold growing, these are edible and those parts of the cheese are flavour pockets!

      Once your child starts eating solids, the cheeses we recommend are fresh cottage cheese and mozzarella that are unsalted. The minimum order quantity is 150 grams. We pack it as a set of 3 (50 grams each) for ease of use and to reduce spoilage. However, since the cheese is unsalted it needs to be used within 10 days.

      Contact us at +919345649247 to place your orders.

      We pack the cheese in thermocol boxes with frozen gel packs. This helps the cheese travel for over 72 hours. Also, these are shipped through Blue Dart airway where deliveries happen well within 24-72 hours.

      • After dispatch from our production unit, the cheese reaches you within 24 - 48 hours. Due to the perishable nature of cheese, we only send orders via air to ensure the product quality is not compromised.
      • We use Bluedart airway and pack your order in gel packs and temperature insulated boxes to ensure the product remains fresh.
      • Our Shipping rates are what Bluedart charges based on your pincode. In fact, since 2 days delivery of cold chain products are significantly more expensive than regular products, we bear a % of the Shipping costs on each and every order!
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