Cheesemaking Kit

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If you have been wanting to try your hand at cheesemaking, our cheesemaking kit is all that you need! Using a kit simplifies the process for first-timers by bypassing the need to shop for a list of ingredients that are not commonly available.


We have put together 3 home cheesemaking kits:
  1. Mozzarella & Ricotta
  2. Feta
  3. Cream cheese & sour cream

The kits contain detailed instructions and some basic do’s and dont’s:

  • Cheese cloth
  • Vegetarian rennet (for 20 litres of milk)
  • Starter culture
  • Salt

BONUS: 1 hour free guided ONLINE session with Namrata (scheduled monthly)

Everyday we get inquiries on cheesemaking classes so we are offering those who purchase our Cheese making kit a FREE 1 hour guided ZOOM session that covers:

  • Basics of cheesemaking
  • Understanding cultures, rennet, fresh cheese
  • Chemistry and individual steps of cheesemaking
    • Ripening
    • Coagulation
    • Cutting
    • Cooking/ Scalding
    • Draining
    • Post-making
    • Salting

Once you purchase the cheesemaking kit, we will send you details on the next upcoming training session that you can join.