Events and workshops

1 - Cheese 101

In these sessions we talk about everything cheese! 


We talk about the cheese making process, right from sourcing our milk and end with Plating a perfect platter. 

Why eat cheese
What is natural cheese
Why is cheese healthy
How to use your cheese
Knowing and understanding cheese
Storing cheese
How to create cheese platters for your brunch/ dinner
What do you pair your cheese with
What to serve as an appetizer cheese plate
What is a post dinner cheese platter
Portion size

Dates to be announced

2 - Coffee & Cheese Pairing

Cheese and coffee aren't a traditional pairing, but they do pair deliciously with each other.
Cheese is the perfect protein-packed food for breakfast, so why not serve it with coffee? Or, serve a cheese course after dinner paired with coffee or espresso.
A successful marriage of coffee and cheese creates harmony among contrasting flavours and accentuates complementary characteristics – well who would have thought!

  • In our pairing sessions of about 60 minutes we take you through 3 courses of pairing. 3 coffees paired with 5-6 types of cheese.
  • The coffee and cheese would be sent to you prior to the session with certain instructions.

Dates to be announced


3 - Cook Alongs

Our Saturdays pre-COVID were full of colours, textures, a lot of hustle, giggle and exclamations! We are talking about our Salad/ Buddha bowl/ Meal-in-a bowl workshops.

  • We will soon be holding 90 minute online sessions that would be cook-alongs. 
  • We will give you a shopping list and you can pre-order and we will have it delivered.

Dates to be announced