Barrel Aged Feta

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Barrel Aged Feta is inspired by a classic Greek style Feta. Ours are made with Goat milk and aged for 3 weeks in brine, in a barrel.

Complexity in flavours and aromas develop from the exposure to the barrel. The cheese is salty, crumbly in texture and creamy on the palate.

Cook with it: Greek Salad, a Fennel Orange Salad or a grilled Beetroot Salad

Savoury platter: Paired with salty & herbaceous accompaniments like Olives, Anchovies, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Confit Tomatoes and Crusty Breads like Ciabatta.

Sweet Platter: Raisins, Prunes, Peach and Stone Fruit, Candied or Fresh Nut crisps

Pair it with: White wine, Rosé or a Sparkling Wine

Unit size: 150 grams

Best within: 60 days